5 Holiday Crafts for the Whole Family

Have you been searching for the perfect holiday crafts for your kids? As we approach the holiday season, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on what the holidays are all about—unity, compassion, and gratitude. While it’s been a few years since we’ve been able to partake in “normal” December festivities, this pandemic has taught us how to push through, adapt, and make the best out of the circumstances of today. Although we cannot gather in large crowds like in previous years, the power of the internet has allowed us to come together face-to-face and spend time with one another. Cya Live is one such platform that allows family and friends to tune in from far and wide to chat, watch movies, play games, and create new memories together.

Like adults, children, too, have slowly transitioned to a virtual world—be it for school or play. While children are quickly learning to advance with technology, it is necessary to keep crafty holiday traditions alive and give children the opportunity to express themselves creatively through fun activities. Arts and crafts are fantastic for kids when it comes to fostering patience, imagination, and attention to detail. Additional benefits include identification of shapes, color, and texture, fine motor skills, and creativity.

If you’re looking for some holiday arts and crafts for the whole family, look no further! Let others join in on the fun by hosting a virtual art class with your loved ones.

1) DIY Ornament Balls

Perhaps one of the most iconic Christmas crafts, creating ornaments can be fun for the entire family! While this craft is suitable for all ages, younger children should always have adult supervision. Inexpensive clear ornament balls can be purchased online or at your local arts and crafts stores. Fill your ornaments with sparkly goodies of your choice. A great alternative is to fill your ornament with printed-out polaroid pictures of each family member. This makes for a great holiday tradition that you and your loved ones can partake in each and every year. Decorate the outside of your ornaments with glitter glue, paint, or markers. Tie a ribbon around the loop and don’t forget to put your creations on your tree for display! Click here to purchase your own clear ornaments.

2) Homemade Snow Globes

DIY snow globes are great for repurposing miniature toys and even paperweights. All you need to create these jars of joy are clear mason jars, glycerin, glitter, distilled water, a glue gun, and sequins. Your centerpiece can comprise of LEGO figures, figurines, or laminated polaroid photos of your loved ones. If you choose to implement photographs into your project, make sure they’re laminated tightly so that the water does not compromise the quality. Additionally, you’ll want to purchase a photo holder to keep your pictures upright—mini acrylic block frames or clips work great. An alternative would be to cut out your photos and attach them to your choice of decoration. Glue your items of choice securely to your lid, fill your jar with distilled water, glycerin, and glitter, seal your jar tightly, and watch the magic come together! Click here for detailed instructions on how to create your very own snow globe.

3) Hot Chocolate Kits

Mason jar hot chocolate kits have taken the world by storm these past few years—and we completely understand why! These kits are not only delicious but highly customizable and oh-so-easy to create! Fill your mason jars with powdered milk, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, and toppings of your choice. Incorporate a pinch of sea salt, cinnamon, or graham crackers bits for added flavor. Get creative with your additional toppings—the possibilities are endless! Top the jar off with some mini marshmallows and save until you’re ready to enjoy. Decorate your jars with cute recipe tags and ribbons and use them as holiday gifts to friends and family. Place your creations in a festive bag lined with gift-wrapping tissue papers, and you’ve got yourself a sweet treat for any holiday event. Check out Rachael Ray’s hot chocolate mason jar recipe here!

4) Paper Snowflakes

This holiday classic will bring us all back to our elementary school days. The epitome of holiday crafts, paper snowflakes are fun for the entire family. Similar to how finding two identical snowflakes are rare and nearly impossible, everyone’s paper creations are likely to be just as unique. Customize your snowflakes with gems, paint, pom-poms, and whatever else you can find around the house. Spice up your base by changing up your traditional paper base with colorful construction paper, cardstock, or poster paper. Purchase funky scissors at your local crafts store for cool designs—but don’t forget to supervise younger children. Once you’ve finished decorating, add a ribbon to your creation and hang your art for display either on the Christmas tree or around the room and create your very own homemade winter wonderland.

5) DIY Paper Plate Christmas Tree

With Christmas coming up, Christmas tree crafts are an absolute no-brainer. This craft is suitable for children ages six and up, although adult supervision is needed. Creating your own paper plate Christmas tree is an excellent way to use up any old materials or art supplies you might have lying around. Paint your tree with your color(s) of choice and decorate to your heart’s desire! Be it buttons, pom poms, pipe cleaners, or fabric bits, the possibilities are endless. Check out the full tutorial here.

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