Cya Live

Our mission at Cya Live is to make online interactions seamless and provide the best user experience through innovative technology. The Cya Live brand encompasses collaboration, communication, and commonality. The arrow in our logo represents forward thinking. Our passion is to provide unique and communal experiences to global audiences and unite communities.

Official Logo


Don’t combine the Cya Live name or logo with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms. Use correct spacing. Don’t re-color, distort, rotate, modify, or place the logo in a busy background.


When using the Cya Live logo, ensure that the minimum spacing around all sides is half of the width of the logo.

Do Not:

Change the colour of the CYA logo to any color other than the official CYA colours, or black.

Place the logo a busy background.

Change the angle of the logo.

Add any visual effects on the logo such as a drop shadow or blur.

Move, distort, or alter any part of the logo.


Don’t modify or shorten the name “Cya Live.” The “C” and “L” in Cya Live are always capitalized and are separate words.

Cya Live













Brand Guidelines


As a condition to using the Cya Live brand assets, you agree to all the guidelines and instructions below (“Guidelines”).

These Guidelines explain the ways you can and cannot use the Cya Live brand assets for marketing and other purposes.

General Guidelines

Use the Cya Live name and logo found on our website only. Make sure to check the website to ensure the most current version is being used.

Do not use other trademarks, names, domain names, logos, or other content that could be confused with Cya Live.

When talking about Cya Live, always capitalize the letters “C” and “L,” and never abbreviate or modify to a single word.

Display the words Cya Live in the same font size and style as the surrounding content and never use the Cya Live logo to replace the words Cya Live in a sentence.


The Cya Live name and logos are trademarks of Cya Live. Avoid using the brand assets for anything considered inconsistent with Cya Live’s Terms of Service. We may revoke your ability to use the Cya Live brand assets at any time.